Imagine being able to answer any question in English with TOTAL CONFIDENCE!

Let me show you how!

#UsingEnglishTP is a new experience to learn English because it provides me many different ways to practice my speaking, writing, reading and listening abilities. 

My favorite is the live lessons, where Adriana teaches us a lot about pronounciation and grammar. Here I also know many friends from different countries. We learn together and make progress together. I enjoy the experience in #UsingEnglishTP. And I believe I can improve my English with the help of Adriana.  

One day I searched on YouTube to find out some videos about how to learn English. Then I find Adriana's lessons. Adriana 's accent attracted me. I watched several videos and felt that what Adriana teaches is very useful. 

So I followed Adriana 's Instagram and Facebook. I know the #UsingEnglishTP from my email box. I received letters from Adriana. Then I decided to try #UsingEnglishTP. Fortunately, I never regret to join #UsingEnglishTP.

-Feng, China


But if you can’t communicate with people, those opportunities are just going to pass you by. 

English is the most spoken language in the world, and if you can’t speak it… you’re missing out. 

#UsingEnglish TP is the online training program that will walk you through every single step of the learning process so you never feel confused, lost or stuck. 

Maybe you’re… 

  • Feeling overwhelmed at how much there is to learn, and wish you had a clear path to follow? 
  • Feeling frustrated about certain words or phrases that are tripping you up, and would love to get personalised support? 
  • Feeling lost because those free videos you’ve been watching just aren’t enough, and you need consistent help every week? 

What do #UsingEnglishTP members get?

Every Monday I will provide you with 4 carefully chosen lessons to cover ALL areas of English fluency, including full transcripts, audio versions, quizzes and activities to make sure that you are learning effectively and to measure your progress! 

Every Monday you will get:  

  • A video lesson 
  • A listening task 
  • A reading task 
  • A writing and speaking task to complete in our Secret Facebook Group 

You’ll be working with me and getting personal feedback and training. 

I will hold your hand every step of the way until you feel confident enough to take your English out into the world on your own. 

#UsingEnglishTP is not like other online English program, because we are really using English, not just taking online lessons. Every week we have 4 weekly tasks. At first I was wondering: how can Adriana put such effort into all the tasks? It's time consuming! But she really did , so I got surprised after the first week's task. I chose #UsingEnglishTP because it is really helpful! The amount of lesson is just right for me , without feeling stressfed and overwheled , I can finish every lesson set on time . Second, through the live lesson and secret Facebook group , I get answers and support right away once I have any questions. By practicing writing and speaking tasks, I am immersing myself with English, applied what I learned this week in the homework immediately so I can make them sticked on my mind. 

The topics of this program are interesting, diverse, also covered holistic of English learning (reading writing listening and speaking)

I would like to recommend everyone join our program and improve together! 

-Violet from Taiwan


I love my students and thrive on their success. 

I’ve helped people all over the world to learn English, resulting in new jobs and promotions, new friendships and even migrating to another country! 

You’re going to feel right at home in our encouraging, supportive community of ambitious language learners. 


Fancy learning English on your sofa in your pyjamas? Go right ahead! That’s the beauty of online-learning, my friend. 

The entire course is digital so as long as you have an internet connection you are good to go. 

And you’ll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule. 






 Each week you will receive: 

Reading practice and quiz 

  • Understand the newspaper and articles on the internet by completing the weekly reading task and quiz. 
  • These reading tasks are carefully constructed so that new vocabulary is presented to you every Monday, along with a no-pressure quiz to make sure that you fully understood the topic. 

Writing practice 

  • Write better emails and express yourself more confidently in written English by participating in weekly discussions in our secret Facebook Group! 
  • Here you will be supported and guided to use your English frequently and also interact with others in written English. 

Listening practice and quiz 

  • Watch movies in English without subtitles, listen to podcasts and watch TV with more confidence, by completing the weekly listening tasks. 
  • Each week you will be sent a new natural conversation between two native English speakers with a quiz to make sure you have full understanding. 

Speaking practice 

  • Speaking it every day in the key to learning any language. What’s unique about this course is you have the opportunity to practice speaking English with actual people. 
  • Every week, I will send you questions to ask your Skype speaking partner, so that you are using the new words, phrases and expressions for that week! 


I am a Taiwanese backpacker and I am living in Australia now. To be honest, I am struggling for learning English. The reason why I want to improve my English that I like talking with different people and I think that if I can speak fluent English that will help me to easily talk with people. I try to learn English by myself for a while but it didn’t let me improve it a lot. At the time, I thought that I wanted to join a useful English course so that I can achieve my goal. One day, when I watched an English Youtube video and I found out Adriana’s Youtube channel. She put a lot of video about how to improve English on her Youtube channel and not only these useful videos but also provide her English course which is named #UsingEnglishTP and it can improve my English ability for certain. After joining #UsingEnglishTP, I think that learning English is so interesting, because I know how to learn English in an efficient way, and when I used English to talk with native speaker that I felt more confident than before. In each class I can improve my listening, writing, speaking and reading skills. I won’t say that my English ability is good enough now, but I believe if I keep learning English with Adriana and I will become better than better!

-KJ, Taiwan

Join today and get these BONUSES

  • 30 minute Skype call with me to test your English level and guide you in the right direction

  • FREE copy of my ebook 168 English Idioms Explained + exercises (with answers) save $30 USD  

  • 6 Bonus lessons (6 reading tasks, 6 listening tasks, 6 transcripts, 6 quizzes to get you started right when you buy!)

  • x2 weekly group calls with #UsingEnglishTP members on Google hangout so that we can connect in English and practice speaking in English

Join as a #UsingEnglishTP member and recieve:

  • Weekly Listening Task (natural conversation between two native English speakers) sent to your email 
  • Weekly Listening Transcript sent to your email 
  • Weekly Listening Quiz sent to your email 
  • Weekly reading task sent to your email 
  • Weekly quiz to the reading text sent to your email 
  • Weekly Video lesson sent to your email
  • Access to Secret Facebook Group 
  • Opportunity to Find a Skype speaking partner in Secret Facebook Group 
  • Invites to Weekly live Lessons in Secret Facebook Group  
  • Invites to x2 Weekly Group calls  

Bonuses for #UsingEnglishTP members ONLY

  • 6 Bonus lessons (6 reading tasks, 6 listening tasks, 6 transcripts, 6 quizzes to get you started now until the 8th of May when we begin ! )
  • Free copy of my eBook 168 idioms explained with exercises + answers 

Meet Rachel, one of the many students who has seen results with #UsingEnglishTP:


This Program is the EASIEST PATH to ENGLISH FLUENCY that you’ll find on the internet! 

Because you’re not just being handed lessons and expects to get on with it. 

Having me by your side is the closest thing you’ll get to being in a classroom with a teacher! 

(Although I wouldn’t recommend sitting in a classroom in your pyjamas!) 


The honest answer is, it depends on your commitment. I will provide all of the support and training that you will need, it’s up to you to take what I teach you and practice it. 

Some will take longer than others to learn and that’s okay. There’s no rush and no right or wrong amount of time. I’ll adjust my feedback according to how you’re doing. If you are struggling and need extra support, that’s what I’m here for! 

I recommend practicing every day using the easy activities I set you, as this is the only way to gain true confidence. 

#UsingEnglishTP helps me to be disciplined in learning English. Every week we have a topic and 4 tasks on the topic: a reading (with video explanation of unknown and useful words or phrases), listening, writing and speaking tasks. Due to the strict deadline for writing and speaking tasks, I have no chance to postpone my learning, 

I have to do all tasks on time. It's a way to understand my knowledge gaps and work harder. Based on our questions and mistakes our group has live lessons every week. All questions during the live lesson are answered on a real-time basis. Moreover Adriana is a great teacher and always in touch if I need any help in English. 

I can strongly recommend this program for everybody who wants to learn English with a native speaker on a regular basis. However everyone should understand that learning English is a hard self-study, Adriana just shows you the way to make it easier.

-Iryna from Ukraine

By joining #UsingEnglishTP there is 0% risk! If you’re not happy, you will get a full refund!

By joining #UsingEnglishTP there is 0% risk! If you’re not happy, you will get a full refund! #UsingEnglsihTP combines my very best strategies and resources so that you can effectively learn English and stop feeling frustrated with your level of English. 

I am sure that you will love it, but if you do not, I offer a 30 day Money back guarantee! Why? Because I know that this is the best training program out there, and it will help you with your goals. If you think this doesn't work for you, I am more than happy to give you a refund! 

Are you confused? Here are some common questions answered:

What is #UsingEnglishTP ? 

#UsingEnglishTP is my step-by-step training program and community where I’ll teach you my highly effective Language learning tricks, so you can stop being frustrated with your level of English, and start speaking English with confidence. You will be able to communicate with other English Speakers, get the promotion/job you want, enroll in the University you want and even understand movies without subtitles! 

Start learning

What do I need to access the program? 

You will need to have purchased a subscription, have access to a stable internet connection, have access to a laptop, mobile or computer and have a gmail account. 

When does the training program start? 

We have already started!

What do I get when I join #UsingEnglishTP ? 

When you enroll you will get the following: 

  •  Access to our Secret Facebook Group - worth $100 USD 
  • Opportunity to find a Skype speaking partner in Secret FB Group
  • Invites to Weekly live lessons in our Secret Facebook Group - worth $15 USD 
  • 6 readings tasks + quizzes – worth $50 USD
  •  6 natural conversations between two native English speakers, with transcripts and quiz - worth $50 USD 

Every Monday you will get:

  •  A Weekly Listening Activity (natural conversation between two native English speakers) sent to your email 
  • A Weekly Listening Transcript sent to your email  
  • A Weekly Listening Quiz sent to your email
  • A Weekly Reading Activity sent to your email  
  • A Weekly Reading Quiz sent to your email 
  • A Weekly Video Lesson sent to your email explaining new expressions, phrases, vocabulary and grammar used in that week. 

Click here to enroll 

What does my subscription include? 

This subscription gets you access to #UsingEnglishTP. In #UsingEnglishTP, you will receive new lessons every Monday and access to our secret Facebook group where we hold structured weekly lessons ! 

Here, I will do what I do best: motivate you and immerse you in the English language, to enable you to communicate confidently in English . 

What is the difference between a course and #UsingEnglishTP? 

Think of this like going to the gym trying to lose weight. If you go to the gym to work out, but you don’t stick to a diet, it will be very hard to get fit and lose weight. The same is with learning a language. If you attend a language course, and use your English only while you are in the course, but never outside of the course, it will be difficult for you to develop, use and become proficient in English. In #UsingEnglishTP, we will be practicing constantly, building your confidence to use English (both in written and spoken form), challenging you each week with new topics, and giving you the skills necessary to live abroad, surf the internet, understand academic literature, or pass an English test! 

Why would I want to join #UsingEnglishTP? 

Not only will you be sent new lessons every Monday, we are creating a community for you to be able to be immersed in English! Rather than just being given lessons and being left to get on with it, you will have your own personal tutor and community to keep you motivated, practice your speaking with and get feedback from. 

By joining #UsingEnglishTP, you’ll have access to the private #UsingEnglishTP Facebook group. Here, you can ask questions about the English language and culture, and find a language partner who is also using these techniques. 

There will be challenges posted to the group: an opportunity to practice your English! Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to interact with me weekly through live lessons! Here I will be answers your chat questions. All live classes will be saved to be watched an unlimited number of times. 

Sound good? Let’s go! 

What if I am unhappy with #UsingEnglishTP? 

There is 0% risk in joining #UsingEnglishTP. How? I offer a 30 day refund if for any reason you are unhappy with the training! I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact me as soon as you are experiencing problems. Before a refund is issued, it is important for me to know that you have tried to complete the tasks and attempted to make use of the training program! 


How does the billing work? 

This is a monthly subscription and your credit card (used to enroll) will be charged monthly. So, at the price you enroll at, that is how much you will be paying every month! Whatever price you enroll at, you will be charged that price the next month. Regardless of whether prices go up! 


Have any questions about #UsingEnglishTP? Send me a message! I’m here to help.